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In preparation for WPC 18, the WPC online Marketplace is closed but we will reopen when we return from WPC 18.




WP101: Getting In On The Conversation – DVD and Facilitator Guide

WP101 Cover
We applaud your courage and leadership. Thank you for being willing to talk about White Privilege and for getting your classroom and/or organization in on the conversation. This video deals with White Privilege and other forms of institutional and systemic oppression in a direct and positive way. The video allows for viewers to engage in a productive conversation about how these complex issues saturate our society. White Privilege 101 is a collection of keynote speeches and interviews of presenters and participants from the Annual Conference on White Privilege. This video will help you identify and understand White Privilege and oppression in three phases:

  • Privilege: Getting in on the Conversation
  • Defining White Privilege
  • Reflections on How White Privilege Exists in Our Society
  • Examples of White Privilege
  • Dealing with Guilt
  • Plan of Action for the Future

WPC Keynote DVD’s

Remember those amazing keynotes? Now, with your donation to the WPC, you will receive one or more DVD’s as our token of appreciation. Show them to your friends, your classes, or your organization.

PDF Download the list of available keynotes

"got privilege?" Hats

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We are in the process of securing an online vendor to facilitate the sale of got privilege? t-shirts, hoodies, and bumper stickers. Stay tuned!


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