Accountability & Taking Action 

Accountability: Commitment to Taking Action in an Intentional Way.


Greetings WPC Participants!

You know the White Privilege Conference is different. We’re not just another opportunity to get out of town. Consistent with WPC mission, vision and goals, our goal is that every participant will take WPC learning beyond the walls and week of the conference into their own home environments by way of meaningful action, year-round.

Many of you have already undertaken exciting and challenging projects. We also recognize that each conference attendee has an individual level of comfort with and expertise in translating concepts about privilege, inclusion and equity into specific action. That’s why we launched the “accountability and action sessions” in 2013, where participants could build their comfort and skill.

For WPC 2014, we developed enhanced accountability-focused workshops to help WPC grow into a “community of action.” At WPC 2015, we then piloted a way to evaluate this work. 

One hundred eighty-four people in eleven accountability sessions described several hundred actions they had taken and/or planned to take as a result of their WPC experience. We analyzed their responses and found nine different themes, or types of actions, that can be broadly categorized as either Personal Action, Community Building or Changing the System.

Read about those themes in the full report and be inspired by the many examples and testimonials of past WPC participants included there.  Build on their ideas to take your own actions, spread the word and carry forth the work of dismantling privilege every day.