Community Agreement

The WPC aims to create a learning community in which participants engage in a challenging educational experience as respectful community members. Each participant is in a different place with regard to their journey in understanding white supremacy, whiteness, privilege, power and oppression. Thus, we ask that each participant share responsibility for holding ourselves accountable to this community agreement that will allow for a shared experience that fosters the opportunity for understanding, respecting and connecting.


We ask that all WPC community members agree:


To Create a Challenging Experience:

  • We will strive to maintain a safe and inclusive environment, recognizing that safety takes different forms for different people. To this end, we agree to take care in our interactions with others and in representing our own needs.

  • We agree to openly and honestly engage ourselves. We will take risks and ask questions, realizing there will be discomfort, but that through discomfort we learn and grow.

  • We make a commitment to dialogue and accept non-closure. We are engaging in ongoing, life-long work.

To Work Collaboratively:

  • We agree to actively listen to others, remain engaged, and consider views that are different from our own, even if it challenges us to do so. When we disagree, we will express our views respectfully, acknowledging that EVERYONE (participants and facilitators) is here to learn.

  • We agree to focus on the issue under discussion and if we stray into extraneous subjects, we support the moderator to bring the discussion back into focus.

  • We agree to be as considerate as possible to the experience of other WPC participants. May we suggest that participants turn off/mute cell phones and be aware that some are allergic to scented products, for instance.

  • We agree to respect confidentiality. (Confidentiality can mean something different to different people. When in doubt, ask).

  • We agree that if we experience a problem we will seek the advice/guidance of the conference staff and other resources including the listening station, and caucus and support groups.

  • We agree to be respectful of the planning process, and if we have concerns about any workshop or event, to share them with Eddie and the programming team.

To a Comprehensive Commitment:

  • We agree that equity pertains to all people with NO exceptions.

  • We will respect the conference environment, including its grounds, buildings and property.

  • We agree to respect each other’s physical needs and strive to create an accessible conference space.

  • We will strive for intersectionality, recognizing that systems of white supremacy, inequality and privilege, such as race, gender, sexual, religious, etc. are interacting and interconnected.

  • We agree to take action in our own circle of power when we return to our workplace, community spaces and social networks. The conference is only one experience in our ongoing commitment to social change; we will strive to be accountable all year long.


We have come together knowing that community and its members grow when all voices are heard, when civility and respect are at the heart of our discussions, and when everyone participates and is able to listen to other points of view. We know that the diversity and inclusiveness of this conference is one of its greatest strengths. Thank you for choosing to be here.