We encourage those interested in presenting at the conference to have attended a previous WPC. 
The WPC does not send out a request for proposals or call for papers. 


If you’re interested in presenting send the session title and description to: 
Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. at





Presenters and potential presenters are strongly encouraged to share their knowledge with a wider audience. Please consider submitting your work to the official WPC journal:


Sessions for WPC Presenters/Facilitators
All presenters are encouraged to attend one of the following sessions.


  1. Orientation for New and Future Presenters/Facilitators to the WPC
    This discussion is designed to orient new (and future) presenters/facilitators to the unique format of workshops/institutes at the WPC guided by its mission and goals. 
    How is WPC unique and how should this inform a presenter facilitator and WPC presentations generally? 
    What unique challenges do WPC participants bring to WPC sessions? 
    What might you do to tailor your presentation so as to facilitate the mission of WPC? 
    What tools and resources will you deploy to create an environment that enhances the teacher-learner dynamic? 

    These issues among others will be discussed. We will consider "best practices" for WPC presentations drawing upon the experience of those who have "successfully" presented at WPC and based upon observations/recommendations from WPC participants. What makes a "successful" session? What creates a challenging, informative and interactive environment? How might we evaluate whether the session advanced the mission of WPC?


  2. Dialogue for Returning WPC Presenters/Facilitators
    This discussion is designed for facilitators who have presented at the WPC previously. For facilitators, the WPC can present new and unique challenges. In the spirit of our community agreement that we are all learners in this work, the organizers of the WPC want to create a space for facilitators to share their experiences, challenges and insights with one another. Topics for discussion may include:
    How is the WPC experience different? 
    Is it challenging to have advanced learners in the workshop audience? 
    Do you feel WPC participants have higher expectations generally than at other conferences you've presented? 
    How do you stay centered as a lead learner rather than an expert? 
    How do you constructively address challenges in the workshop setting so that they lead to learning experiences for all of the participants?


Please join us as we explore these topics and others and an opportunity to learn from the wonderful talent and experiences of our fellow workshop facilitators.



WPC 20 Presenter Biographies

WPC 20 Facilitator Resource Packet