Testimonials & Aftermath

The most dynamic racial justice community of resistance I have ever experienced.

WPC Attendee

As an educator and activist I wholeheartedly encourage young people participating in the WPC. It is a challenging, rigorous, and supportive environment which promotes critical thinking skills and leadership development. It is a unique, one of a kind experience that can create a long lasting positive impact for young people of all backgrounds.”- JLove Calderon, Author, Activist, Educator

JLove Calderon, Author Activist, Educator

I had an amazing time learning about different kinds of people. That there isn't a normal. And we all have our differences but we have that one thing that makes us the same. We are humans.

Middle School Participant

The White Privilege Conference gave me the opportunity to meet and learn from the top anti-racist thinkers/activists, both white and people of color.

WPC Attendee

The White Privilege Conference is a grassroots, year-round, dedicated effort from compassionate individuals nationwide to challenge the status quo of oppression, white privilege and white supremacy that exists in our society. I am compelled to this work by the directness of the purpose which I have experienced as being to first be aware and then take action. I believe young people are especially equipped with the talent and willingness to believe in the possibility of justice for all. This is why I support and participate in the Youth Leadership Conference and revel in being a witness to the ever-evolving growth of inspirational young role models for social change.

Wade Colwell-Sandoval

The keynote speakers as well as the lead-ins to them were all phenomenal. I also LOVED the many types of diversity represented in the 2,500 participants: age, race, gender/sexual orientation, walks of life, educational backgrounds.

WPC 17 Attendee

As Principal of Holmen High School in Wisconsin I was able to see firsthand the impact that the WPC had on staff and students who attended the conference. Students who attended came back with a understanding of the importance of promoting diversity not only in the school but the community. Students started a Diversity Program called SEEDS (Students Envisioning Equity and Diversity in the School) which has promoted and fostered a better understanding in the school and the community. This conference is a great opportunity for students to experience diversity first hand.

Bernie L. Ferry

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